Frequently asked questions

Fair Schedule

  • The Fair Schedule page has links to all the rules and classes.  Please read and use!!
  • Each set of rules has a link to the website for online entries and any additional forms.
  • 4-H & FFA members entering projects in the Exhibit Building:
    • See the "4-H & FFA" link on the schedule for the Conference Judging on July 23
    • Class #'s do not exactly match your project #.  Please look at the rules and class listings.
    • Open Photography Show exhibits are not eligible for state fair building selection.
  • You must have been officially enrolled by April 1st in the project in which you are exhibiting.

Fair Entries

  • All fair entries will be taken online.
    • Internet Access is required 
      • If you do not have internet access, feel free to come by the Extension Office for assistance.
    • Exhibitor Name & information is not saved until you enter at least 1 class and save your cart. 
      • If cart is not saved, you will need to create the exhibitor information again.
  • Exhibitors must register first
    • Be sure to use a valid e-mail address.
    • You may use "Quick Group" to have entries for multiple exhibitors in your family or classroom.
  • No online payments accepted.  Print your receipt and submit payment to the Extension Office. Your receipt may be adjusted by office staff to account for correct entry fees.
  • Must create an entry for each item in a class
    • If entering 2 hams, you must create 2 entries in that class.
    • Entry fees are assessed per dog/handler combination.
    • Please select the correct Dog Fee on the "Items" Page
    • Entry fees are assessed per horse/rider combination.
    • Please select the correct Horse Fee on the "Items" Page
    • Register for your showmanship class at the time of entry!
    • Fees are added to your cart with each entry.
    • If you are not sure which animal you will be bringing, put "TBD" in the "Tag ID" and "Animal Name" fields
  • SHOOTING SPORTS: Steps for entering the shooting sports match
    1. Select classes online
    2. Select time on shooting line at
    3. Submit the Shooting Sports Match Entry form with your receipt.
    4. Fees:
      • If participant is not from Cole County, please select the Shooting Sports Match Fee on the "Items" Page
      • Shotgun-Trap fees are assessed when selecting the class
      • Cole County participants not registering by June 30th at 4:30pm will be assessed a $5 late fee.
    5. Shooting Sports entries open to shooters from counties other than Cole County on June 10th.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Open Photography Show vs. 4-H/FFA Photography Exhibits    
    • 4-H/FFA Photography Exhibits
      • This can be any item that shows what you learned in the photography project.
      • Photographs can be ANYTHING!  Even a picture of your big toe, if you choose.
      • You can enter a poster about something you learned (i.e. f stop, parts of the camera, camera angles, etc.)
      • You can enter a notebook (i.e. perhaps showing the progression of the quality of your photographs, or maybe how you have started a photography business)
      • Again, 4-H/FFA Exhibits can be anything you learned during the course of the project.
      • Only projects entered in this division are eligible for State Fair selection (Member must have met all the requirements)
    • Open Photography Show
      • This class accepts ONLY photographs in the categories specified.
      • Anyone from Cole County or a bordering county can enter (youth and adults)
  • Fair Passes
    • Week-long fair passes are $15 each to be used by immediate family members of exhibitors.
    • Fair passes are ordered online at time of entry only. 
    • Pass must be shown at gate and when requested.
    • Passes will be distributed at fair work days.
    • No passes sold to the public
    • No passes sold at the Extension Office.