Missouri 4-H Club Leader Kit: Table of Contents

2017-18 Club Year


Basic Club Organization and Management

  • Letter from Interim Director Alison Copeland (LG910A)
  • Letter to 4-H Treasurers (Y642)
  • Enrolling in 4hOnline
  • Volunteer Background Screening Consent Form (LG639)
  • Annual 4-H Name and Emblem Request (Y633)
  • Standards for 4-H Clubs (pg.5 of Secretary Book)
  • Planning the 4-H Club Year - Steps to Follow (LG912)
  • 4-H Youth Services to Communities Form (LG760) or online Qualtrics form
  • Choose Health 4-H Leader Guide (LG677)
  • Safety
    • Event Risk Management Plan (LG810)
    • Event/Activity Incident Report (LG811)
    • First Aid Kit Contents (LG638)
  • Special Needs Guides
    • Winning 4-H Plan: Request of Club Leaders (LG917)
    • Winning 4-H Plan: Request Form (LG918)
    • Winning 4-H Plan: Project & Exhibition Acommodations (LG919)
  • Club Meetings
    • Meetings that Matter (LG627)
    • 4-H Club Meeting Record (Y676)
    • Monthly Club Meeting Calendar Sample (LG779)

Information for Club Officers

  • 4-H Secretary Record Book (Y671) Order hard copies from Ext. Publications
  • 4-H Treasurer Record Book (Y672 REVISED) Order hard copies from Ext. Publications
  • Health Officers Resource: Choose Health 4-H Officer Guide (Y677)
  • So You Are An Officer (Y783)

Information to Help Volunteers

Letters to Leaders (An Instructional Newsletter Series)

  • What is 4-H? (LG901)
  • Getting Started with a 4-H Club (LG902)
  • Planning and Conducting 4-H Club Meetings (LG903)
  • Leadership and Training Techniques (LG904)
  • 4-H Activities (LG905)
  • Opportunities for 4-H Leaders (LG906)

Additional Information

  • 4-H Club Leader Planning Calendar (PDF)
  • 4-H Fundraising Guidance (PDF)
  • Parliamentary Procedure (PDF)
  • Adult Leadership Roles in 4-H Clubs (PDF)
  • 4-H Community Service (PDF)



Club in Good Standing Policy

  • Club must hold minimum of four meetings
  • Must have at least 1 recognized club leader and at least 1 recognized project leader who conducts a meeting and provides a minimum of 6 hours of instruction. 
  • 4-H Member and Volunteer records must be entered in enrollment system in a timely manner (Re-enrollment completed by Jan. 1st) 
  • Plan, Implement and Evaluate a community service project. 
  • Turn in club audit packet by due date. 
  • Participate in rotation of countywide committees and fundraisers. 
  • Appoint a representative to attend 50% of 4-H Council meetings. 

Clubs not adhering to these polices will have their charter revoked. 

Adopted May 2015; effective October 2015

4-H Council

ByLaws & Constitution

Agenda - 5/15/2018

Minutes - 5/15/2018



Cole County 4-H/FFA Fair Board



Agenda -