National 4-H Interstate Exchange Database

The 4-H Interstate Exchange Program  has a long history of providing youth and adults with opportunities to travel and host youth from different states to learn about 4-H and activities within their area of the United States. Typically, exchanges are arranged for a 2-year period where the group hosts one year and travels the following year.

You will want to join the National 4-H Exchange Interstate Exchange Database Facebook page which has been created to connect states’ exchange programs. The page is a closed group and permission to join the group will have to be requested from page organizers.

The interstate exchange project is designed to help youth:

  • Learn more about the history of your state/county
  • Learn more about themselves and their own family, friends, county, and state.
  • Learn to help plan and conduct fundraising projects to pay expenses for the trip and for hosting
  • Learn to be a good host or hostess.
  • Create new and lasting friendships.
  • Learn more about 4-H in other states.
  • Have fun as a member of a 4-H exchange.

Contact with any problems or questions.