Incubation & Embryology (for schools and day care facilities)

Hatching Chicks in the Classroom

Hatching Chicks in the Classroom is a program for schools in Cole and Osage counties (Missouri), available March-May.
Hatching Chicks in the Classroom brochure (PDF)

Photo: Preschool child watches chicken eggs hatching in an incubator

Preschool student watches chicks hatching.

The program includes curriculum targeted for preschool through first grade, second through fifth grade, and middle school through high school. We have added experiments for all ages, a Jeopardy-type game created in Microsoft PowerPoint, and much more. All materials are delivered on a flash drive to make it easy for teachers!

Eggs are supplied by our 4-H members and are a variety of breeds from exotics to fryers. Hatched chicks are yours to keep or you may return to us for 4-H members to increase and improve their flocks.

If interested, there is an option of a three-week study program. This program is great for middle and high school science classes.
Three-Week Study Program Checklist (PDF)

Sign-up Steps

  1. Select your date (March 13-May 15) and incubator type:
  • 1-week program ($25 per incubator - includes incubator, flash drive with all teaching materials, and 1 dozen pre-incubated, fertilized eggs)
  • 3-week program ($25 per incubator - includes incubator with turning tray, flash drive with all teaching materials, and 1 dozen fertilized eggs)
  1. Return Reservation form, credit card form, School Enrichment Form
  2. Join the private Facebook page just for those signed up for this program.  Share your hints, successes, and frustrations.
  3. Mark your calendar to have someone pick up incubator between 1pm and 6pm on Monday for the week you selected
  4. Mark your calendar to return the clean incubator and supplies between 1pm and 6pm on Friday of the week you selected (for 1 week incubators).


Additional program materials