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4-H Fall Fling / National Youth Science Day

Saturday, October 13, 2018
Capital Mall @ LabSpace Robotics and old Sears wing

We will be showcasing some of our projects as well as participating in the National Youth Science Day activities.  Learn more about 4-H and how to get enrolled for the coming year.  This year’s 4-H National Youth Science Day four-part computer science (CS) challenge that teaches kids to apply CS to the world around them through hands-on activities. Learn more about the Code Your World: or join us for some of the sessions outlined below. 

The NYSD sessions have limited seats available. Click here to register.

  • Animate a Name: animate a nickname, name of a favorite team, place, family member or anything else you can think of, using #CSFirst and Scratch.
    • 45-60 minute sessions offered at
      • 10:00am
      • 11:15am
  • Code Your Dance: an unplugged activity that uses the power of dance to teach concepts like algorithms, loops and conditionals.
    • 45 minute session offered at
      • 10:15am
      • 11:30am
  • Color Your World: an unplugged activity where kids color & create maps to learn about graph theory, patterns and algorithms.
    • 45 minute sessions offered at
      • 11:00am
      • 12:15pm
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): use dice & coins to create artificially intelligent game players and learn about AI, random number generators, probability and algorithms.
    • 45 minute sessions offered at
      • 10:30am
      • 11:45am

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More information about 4-H for Members, Clover Kids, and Volunteers can be found on our How to Join 4-H page.

Enrollment opens Oct. 1!

Go to 4HOnline to sign-up or re-enroll.


2017-18 4-H Council Officers:

President - Janice Loesch, Stringtown-Corinth 4-H Club
Vice President - Tim Riley, Taos Clovers 4-H Club
Co-Secretary - Stephanie Howard, St. Martins 4-H Club
Treasurer - Cindy Hassler, Osage Bend Cloverleafs 4-H Club


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