4-H Applications and Forms

Progress toward personal goals enables youth to gain experience in goal-setting and realistic self-assessment as they plan their projects, set their goals and reflect on their experience. This area of the recognition program connects closely with the essential elements of belonging and independence and mastery.

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·         Project record Y620 (PDF) Scorecard (PDF)
·         Missouri 4-H Project Horse Enrollment form  Y1440 (PDF)
·         4-H Shooting Sports Project Record Y7450 (fillable PDF)
·         Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports Parental Permission Waiver of Liability (PDF)
·         Missouri State 4-H Council regional representative application (PDF) 
·         Make-up meeting form

Project leader/volunteer

·         4-H Volunteers - application process
·         Volunteer Orientation
·         Annual Background Check Consent Form LG639 (PDF)
·         Project Leader Guide LG784 (PDF)
·         Project Leader Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
·         4-H Club Project Leader Summary Report (PDF) Jasper County
·         Event Risk Management Plan LG810 (fillable PDF)
·         First Aid Kit Contents LG638
·         4-H Event/Activity Incident Report LG811 (PDF)
·         Missouri 4-H Resources
·         Missouri 4-H Literature and Merchandise Order Form
·         Project Leader Kit

Club leader

·         Annual Background Check Consent Form LG639 (PDF)
·         Club Leader Kit
·         First Aid Kit Contents LG638
·         Event Risk Management Plan LG810 (fillable PDF)
·         4-H Event/Activity Incident Report LG811 (fillable PDF)
·         Missouri 4-H Resources
·         4-H Youth Service to Communities LG760 (fillable PDF)
·         4-H Name and Emblem Request Y633 (PDF)

Judging and demonstrations

·         4-H Event Placing Card Y1005 (PDF)
·         4-H Judging Card Y1006 (PDF)
·         4-H Demonstrations LG744 (PDF)
·         Conference Judging: Helping 4-H Members Evaluate Their Work LG731 (PDF)
·         Judging: A 4-H Teaching Technique LG 730 (PDF)
·         Judging Classes


·         Trip/Event reimbursement form
·         State 4-H Council
·         Missouri State 4-H Council regional representative application (fillable PDF)

Missouri Food Quality Assurance 

Policy: All 4-H members enrolled in food animal projects including beef, sheep, swine, dairy cattle, meats, dairy goats, rabbits and poultry must complete the appropriate level of MSQA certification to be considered a 4-H member in good standing in that project. guidelines may also apply.  Check with your local 4-H youth specialist for current local guidelines. The online tutorial is available at http://www.agebb.missouri.edu/smqa/.

4-H Club Officer and end-of-the-year awards

·         President Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Secretary Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Vice President Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Treasurer Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Reporter Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Recreation Leader Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Historian Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Photographer Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Parliamentarian Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Chaplain Year-end Summary (fillable PDF)
·         Jasper County 4-H Hall of Fame (fillable PDF) | (DOC)
·         I Dare You Form (fillable PDF)

Shooting Sports

·         Project record Y620 - (PDF) |  Scorecard (PDF)
·         Shooting Sports project record Y7405 (fillable PDF) | DOC
·         State 4-H awards program application tips and benefits
·         Y2000 Level 1 (ages 8-10) (fillable PDF) | DOC | Tip sheet  | Scorecard
·         Y2100 Level 2 (ages 11-13) (fillable PDF) | DOC |Tip sheetScorecard 
·         Y2200 Level 3 (ages 14-18) (fillable PDF) | DOC | Tip sheet  | Scorecard
·         Missouri 4-H Key Award  Y2300

Scholarships, grants and awards

·         National Leadership Award (formerly "I Dare You")
·         Tennessee Walking Horse award
·         MFA Saddle award
·         BOAC grant application due December
·         State 4-H Foundation Scholarship
·         Missouri 4-H Foundation Grants
·         Farm Service Agency (FSA) loan program
·         National 4-H Council Grants program
·         Frank Graham Leadership Award
·         Naomi Crouch Leadership Award
·         Disney Friends for Change grant
·         FCS Financial Community Improvement Grant
·         Missouri Sheep Producer Starter Flock Grant
·         Youth in Agriculture scholarship
·         Youth Services America