Senior 4-H Council

The Senior 4-H Council is a unit made up of representatives from each club in the county. The council is the policy making body, which has the responsibility for guiding, promoting, and implementing the Boone County 4-H program. The council is responsible for approving the curriculum offered within the county and also plans, budgets, coordinates, and manages the many educational events which are part of the curriculum. Program and leadership development is also the responsibility of the council. 


President: Kathy Thiessen, Tomorrow's Leaders;
Vice President: Kara Hinton, Englewood Hustlers;
Secretary: Brenda Wilsdorf, Woodlandville;
Treasurer: Leah Allen, Four Paws;
Reporter: Eric Walters, Centralia;


Meeting Minutes


Deposit/Reimbursement Form
Club in Good Standing Guidelines