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Crop Scouting Report - Oct 2nd, 2019

Hello, this is Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist with MU, with your October 2 crop update.Fields checked west of Lamar.


Soybeans ranged from full seed to beginning maturity with leaves beginning to turn color.

Full bloom to beginning pod is the ideal time to spray a fungicide if conditions are conducive to disease development. Fungicide applications are less likely to be economical if sprayed after R5, or beginning seed.

No insects were seen. Podworms are unlikely to be a threat with as late in the season as we are. If soybeans are full seed or further, podworms are no longer a threat. Podworms prefer tender pods and seeds, as the plant matures, pods and seeds become tough.


Corn was mature. Check the field in front and behind the combine and make adjustments to minimize losses.

The crop scouting report will move to every other week this month and begin monthly reports in November.

Health Tip: Need an on-the-go meal?

Choose yogurt or a breakfast wrap instead of a donut. Make your lunch sandwich with whole wheat bread. Fix a quesadilla with vegetables inside and a whole wheat tortilla for dinner and take trail mix for a filling snack, instead of chips.

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