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Crop Scouting Report - July 10, 2019

Hello, this is Jill Scheidt, MU Extension agronomy specialist with your July 10 crop update.  

Fields scouted southeast of Lamar. 

Soybeans ranged from 1st to 5th trifoliate. Little to no insect feeding seen. If considering replanting soybeans, a plant population of 70,000 still has 89% of expected yield. A 40,000 population is 71% of expected yield. Consider plant date effect on yield when calculating yield potential. University of Missouri has a replant calculator worksheet available through guide G4091,” said Scheidt. Leaf strapping was seen in some fields, likely caused by 2,4-D carryover in soil. Leaf strapping identified by skinny leaves with a blistered appearance. If planting soybean in a field previously planned for corn, check herbicide labels to minimize plant injury.

Corn ranged from silk to blister stage. Some fields had Japanese beetle, while others did not. Japanese beetle are no longer a threat once silk turns brown. Threshold for Japanese beetle is 3 or more beetles per ear, clipping green silks to less than ½”. Check beyond field borders before deciding to make an insecticide application. Blister beetle were present in a small area of one field, stripping lower leaves. Currently not enough to cause economic damage. Pollination usually lasts 5-8 days once tassel emerges. To check success, carefully remove husk, without disturbing silks, turn the ear horizontally and shake it. Attached silks belong to unpollinated kernels, while detached silks fell from pollinated kernels. 

Pollination information:

How well corn pollinated video: 

Health Tip: Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or more if sweating. Don’t forget ears, lips, neck and back of the hands. 

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