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Hello this is Mike Dennigmann, agronomy intern with your May 29th crop update.
Fields were scouted north and east of Lamar.
With the wet weather continuing the fields observed today showed excess moisture and many
are not yet in production. Of the corn fields in production, yellowing of the lower leaves is
evident due to the excess moisture. Weed competition will be a concern if and when the
weather breaks as most of the herbicides will be flushed from the field. You may need to
consider other chemicals and/or mechanical cultivation as options. Of the corn fields scouted
today no insect damage of any considerable amount was noted. In short once again it just
needs to stop raining. Additional nitrogen may be needed when the weather breaks, to achieve
yields acceptable to corn production. Keep in mind a poor stand of corn in better than no stand
of corn, don’t be in a big hurry to take your corn out. Those considering replanting, make sure
to select at least a 105 day maturity corn, as the short season varieties don’t yield well in
Of the wheat fields scouted today some are showing evidence of beginning to turn. The race is
on in hopes that acceptable yields can be obtained with limited disease as weather conditions
continue to hinder us. No insects were found present in the fields scouted today.
No bean fields were scouted today.
Be aware of the presence of undesirable weeds and weed seeds in fallow fields, creating a
larger seed bank than normal this year, as many fields are not being put into production. This
situation could lead to larger headaches in the next production cycle.
Call 417-682-3579 for more information, thank you.

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Missouri crop performance reports

Finding varieties that best fit a farmer's production goals and challenges is an essential part of profitable grain crop production. MU Variety Testing Program provides the reliable, unbiased, up-to-date information that makes that selection possible.

Each year they test more than 600 corn, grain sorghum, and soybean varieties at 32 locations throughout Missouri. These 32 locations are distributed among four regions: North, Central, Southwest and Southeast. The number of locations within a region depends on the specific test but varies from two to five. Companies enter their varieties into tests at one or more of these regions, but their entries must be placed at all locations within a region.

Headquarters for the MU Variety Testing Program are Bradford Research and Extension Center located in the heart of Missouri six miles east of Columbia. More personnel are located at the Delta Research Center near Portageville and the Hundley-Whaley Center near Albany. The majority of our test locations are farmer fields and we appreciate the cooperation and dedication of our cooperators.

Crop performance reports:


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These listings are a joint venture of the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the University of Missouri.

The listings include sellers names, cities, counties and phone numbers. Sellers can be listed by either region or forage type. Bale type is included: small square, large square, small round, large round, baleage, or other. The number of bales and approximate weight of each bale of hay is included, and if the hay has been analyzed, crude protein, acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber, relative feed value, and percent total digestible nutrients may be included. A final area for notes catches information such as first cutting or specifics such as call times.

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