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Current Crop Scouting Report

May 30, 2018

Pest Threat Low, Except for Weeds


LAMAR, Mo. –Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension, scouted fields east of Carthage May 30.


Wheat has turned color and is in the soft dough stage.

Scheidt observed glume blotch, identified as brown lesions on the kernel. “Differentiate glume blotch from other head diseases by using a hand lens to find fruiting bodies on the lesion,” said Scheidt. According to Kaitlyn Bissonnette, pathologist with University of Missouri Extension, glume blotch usually only causes significant yield damage in wetter years when a lot of septoria is present on leaves. Warm, wet conditions and prolonged leaf wetness encourage development. “This season was likely dry enough that the disease will not cause significant yield loss,” said Scheidt.


Corn ranged from the 8 to 12 leaf stage.

“Overall, plants looked to be very healthy and green. Remember the optimal time for nitrogen application in corn is the 6-8 leaf stage, but corn will respond to an application up to tassel,” said Scheidt.


Soybeans were in the third trifoliate stage.

“Soybean nodules begin to fix nitrogen during this stage. Split nodules open and look for pink or red insides to confirm nitrogen fixation. White, green or brown nodule insides are not fixing nitrogen,” said Scheidt.


Scheidt scouted fescue pastures for armyworms. “No live armyworms were found, but I saw a lot of parasitized ones on fescue heads,” said Scheidt.

Kevin Rice, entomologist with University of Missouri Extension, suggests continuing to scout for fall armyworm as there is a possibility of early appearance with the usually warm temperatures.

For more information about the program, or to sign up for the program, contact Jill Scheidt at the Barton County Extension office, (417) 682-3579. 


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2018 Barton County Annual Report

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