Table 1.

The sum of average monthly Fahrenheit (F) temperatures for December 2002, January and February 2003 is used to predict flea beetle survival in Missouri.  High and low Fahrenheit temperatures were obtained by the University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Automated Weather Station Network from the Agricultural Electronic Bulletin Board (AgEBB).
University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Location  
Sum of Average Automated Weather Station Winter Temperatures
Atchison County, Graves Memorial Plots (3 miles north of Corning) 88.29o F
Gentry County, Hundley-Whaley Farm (Albany) 83.60o F
Linn County, Forage Systems Research Center (Linneus) 86.49o F
Knox County, Greenley Memorial Center (1 mile east of Novelty) 84.50o F
Buchanan County, Buchanan County Extension Center (St. Joseph) 89.64o F
Dekalb County, Grindstone Reservoir (4 miles northwest of Cameron) 88.83o F

Northern Missouri Region Average Temperature

86.89o F

Audrain County, 6 miles northwest of Auxvasse 89.94o F
Chariton County, 4 miles west of Brunswick 88.25o F
Boone County, South Farms (4 miles southeast of Columbia) 91.28o F
Boone County, Sanborn Field (University of Missouri-Columbia) 95.27o F
Monroe County, Monroe City (Monroe City Airport) 85.67o F

Central Missouri Region Average Temperatures

90.08o F

Crawford County, Wurdack Farm (2 miles east of Cook Station) 96.42o F
Barton County Electric Cooperative (Lamar) 85.88o F

Southern Missouri Region Average Temperatures

91.15o F

Cape Girardeau County, Delta 90.81o F
Dunklin County, Cardwell 110.31o F
Dunklin County, Rice Farm (1 mile east of Glennonville) 105.31o F
Dunklin County, Rhodes Memorial Research Farm (north of Clarkton) 115.35o F
Mississippi County, (5 miles south of Charleston) 102.65o F
Pemiscot County, Delta Center (Portageville) 108.65o F
Pemiscot County, (6 miles west of Steele) 112.33o F
Pemiscot County, Lee Farm (5 miles southeast of Portageville, MO) 109.72o F

Southern Missouri (Bootheel) Region Average Temperatures

106.89o F

If the sum of average Fahrenheit temperatures for December, January and February is: lower than 90o F, low flea beetle survival is indicated, between 90o F and 100o F moderate or variable flea beetle survival is indicated, or higher than 100o F, good flea beetle survival is expected. Temperatures did vary within listed regions. Look at the station(s) near you for further hints on flea beetle survival.