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Ag Connection is published monthly for Missouri producers and is supported by University of Missouri Extension, the Commercial Agriculture program, the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, UM-Columbia. Editorial board: Joni Ross Harper, Managing Editor; Mary Sobba, Parman Green, Gene Schmitz, Mark Stewart, Wendy Flatt Rapp, Jim Jarman, Todd Lorenz, Wayne Crook, Brent Carpenter, James Quinn and Kent Shannon.

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Please send your comments and suggestions to  Joni Ross Harper, Agronomy Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, 100 E Newton St., 4th Floor, Versailles, MO 65084, call 573/378-5358 or send messages by       e-mail to:

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Ag Connection - Issues Online
December 2013
 Oil Extraction and Distillers Grain Nutrition Profile
Transition of the Newsletter
Roundup Ready Soybean Patent Expiration
        Year-end Activities for Beef Producers
Farm Records
        Getting through the winter more economically
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November 2013
 Fall Herbicide Application
Nutrient Restriction
Compost Contaminated with Herbicide is Showing up in Missouri
        Livestock should eat hay, not bad storage and feeding systems.
Missouri Statewide Quarantine for Ash Wood Products
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October 2013
 Resource for Farm Labor Compensation
Pearls of Production: Women in Agriculture
Optimizing Low Temperature Grain Dryer Operations
        Taxation Tidbits: The Capital Gain Tax Maze
        Spotted Wing Drosophila, a destructive pest for fruit growers
Jared Decker appointed genetics specialist
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September 2013
 More "apps" for beef producers make life a little easier, down on the farm
Fall and Winter Lawn Maintenance
Principles for Heifer Development
        Taxation Tidbits: Monitor your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits
Missouri Land Values
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August 2013
 Over-mature hay drops in quality; testing helps develop balanced ration for winter feeding
Twelve Things to Know about Forage Drought Insurance
Fall Forage Management Critical Concepts
        Late Season Approaches to Thistle Control
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July 2013
 Enhancing Crop Scouting - There's An App for That!
Summer Management Tips for Beef Cattle Operations
Compensation with an Unmanaged Hay Crop-share Agreement
MU Extension Agronomist - Jim Jarman Retired
        Taxation Tidbits: Affordable Care Act
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June 2013
 Reducing Errors in Herbicide Application
The Farm Bill is more than Just Farming
Choices: Saving $130 per Cow, or Not
Taxation Tidbits: Special Use Valuation
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May 2013
 Vegetable Planting Calendar
Raising Meat Rabbits
Termite Swamers Vs. Ant Swamers
Taxation Tidbits: CRAT and CRUT
        Fruit Production Guidesheet
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April 2013
Alternative Forages
Considerations for Leasing Farm Equipment
Droplet Size Calibration: Becoming a Better Applicator
        Leasing Bulls, Pros and Cons
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March 2013
Taxation Tidbits: Safe Harbor for Home-Business Office Deduction
Calving Issues Clinic
Six feet under, the drought lives on
        On-Farm Fuel SPCC Plans required by May 10, 2013
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February 2013
 Emerald Ash Borer Threatens American Indian Traditions
Taxation Tidbits: IRS to provide relief
Choosing a good milk replacer is important to calf health
Pesticide Applicator License Expiring?
        Mid-Mo Grazing Conference
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January 2013
 Applying Gypsum as a Soil Amendment
Corn rootworm resistance to Bt
Comparing fed cattle performance in open lot & bedded confinement feedlot facilities
Crop Insurance Changes
        Giant Cane, another bio-energy crop?
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