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Ag Connection is published monthly for Central Missouri Region producers and is supported by University of Missouri Extension, the Commercial Agriculture program, the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, UM-Columbia. Editorial board: Joni Ross Harper, Managing Editor; Mary Sobba, Parman Green, Gene Schmitz, Mark Stewart, Wendy Flatt, Jim Jarman, Todd Lorenz, Wayne Crook, James Quinn and Kent Shannon.

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Please send your comments and suggestions to  Joni Ross Harper, Agronomy Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, 100 E Newton St., 4th Floor, Versailles, MO 65084, call 573/378-5358 or send messages by       e-mail to:

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 Ag Connection - Other Issues
Ag Page for Central Missouri UO/EAgriculture page for MU Extension in Central Missouri - Includes upcoming events, other Newsletters, results from our research, and links to other ag related sites
UO/E in Central MissouriMU Extension Central Missouri Region
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Ag Connection - Issues Online
December 2011
  Winter backgrounding rations
  Keeping grain in condition
  Update on SPCC comliance date extension for farms
           Another new pest on the way (?)
  Bottom line tidbits: ten business mgmt. items farms should do prior to year-end
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November 2011
  Drought-stressed corn silage for beef cows
  Fall and winter alfalfa care
  Early fall soil test results need to be interpreted with caution
           Taxation Tidbits: Social Security retirement benefits
  Introducing new staff
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October 2011
 Wendy Flatt is back in the Central Missouri Region!
Managing Short Feed Supplies
Is GPS in Jeopardy?
          The garden's last vegetable: Garlic?
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September 2011
 A new herbicide maybe taking the green out of many evergreens
Dry weather feeding options for beef cows
Black walnuts: pick them and clean them up quickly
Upcoming grazing schools
          Fall is time to build next year's garden soil
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August 2011
 Buying or Selling Hay
Reclaiming Flood Land with Tillage
Form 1099 Filing Requirements: Second Verse
Oil Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure (SPCC) Program: Information for
    Farmers - Revisited
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July 2011
 Taxation Tidbits: Weather Related Sales of Livestock
Tornadoes Prompt Interest in Storm Shelters and 'Safe Rooms'
Cicadas, the aftermath
Look Out for Perilla Mint
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June 2011
 Branding Livestock in Missouri
New Stink Bug Coming to Missouri
Financial Tidbits: Form 1099 Reporting Requirements
Fly Control in Beef Cattle Herds
          Barn & Farmstead Survey Project & the Missouri Barn Alliance and Rural Network
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May 2011
 Preventing Foliar Tomato Blights
Rural Crime Awareness
Controlling Weeds Early is Critical to Maximize Yield
Livestock Producer Survey
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  April 2011
 Taxation Tidbits: Agricultural Inputs- Exempt from Missouri Sales Tax or not?
 Corn Fungicide Treatment
Keys to Success with Fixed-Time AI in Beef Cows
The Amazing Pigweed
          Making the Most with a Small Vegetable Garden
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March 2011
 A Tool for Fine Tuning Financial Statements
 Bed Bug Incidence on the Rise
Economic Thresholds for Early-Season Insects
Bull Management
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February 2011
 Soybean Variety Selection and Sudden Death Syndrome
 Taxation Tidbits: Farm Labor Tax
Missouri's Response to the High Tunnel Conservation Practice
Taxation Tidbits: Tax Relief Packages under the Christmas Tree
          Membership for Show-Me-Select Heifer Program Due
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January 2011
 Understanding Hay Test Results
 Taxation Tidbits: Charitable Gifts Are Not Always Deductible
Poly Tank Inspections
Hay Feeding Considerations
          Mid-MO Grazing Conference
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