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*December 2006
 Corn Cobs—Burning Them With Coal
 CARES—They Really Do
 Taxation Tidbit: Private Annuities—The End is in Sight
 Highlights of the 2005 Energy Policy Act
 Energy Incentives
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*November 2006
 Farm Records Filed...For How Long?
 The Next Farm Bill
 Bringing New Generations Into The Farm
 Taxation Tidbit: Grain Condo Storage
 Anhydrous Ammonia Treatment Of Hay
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*October 2006
 Drought Damaged Corn
 BVD Virus in Cattle
 Conservation Easement—What and Why
 Taxation Tidbits: New Rules Affecting Charitable Donations
 EDEN—Not the Garden
 Product Yield From Animal Meats
*September 2006
 TMDL’s — Coming To a Farm Near You!!
 New Generation Cooperative Investment: Gain or Loss on Disposal?
 Alfalfa Stand Evaluation Timing
 MoDOT, MDA Waive Fees For Hay Hauling Permits
*August 2006
 Nitrate Toxicology Testing
 Fall Grazing Programs Utilizing Stockpiled Tall Fescue
 Improving Combine Efficiency
 Japanese Beetle On Corn
 Technology Update
*July 2006
 Bottom-Line Tidbits: Medicaid Long-Term Care Planning
 Fencing Small Livestock (Small In Size But Not In Numbers)
 Clarifying FDA Hay-Tracking Requirements
 Measures to Reduce Heat and Seasonality Impacts on Swine Breeding Herds
 Pasture Weaning to Reduce Stress on Calves
*June 2006
 Warm-Season Annual Forages for Hay or Pasture
 Soybean Rust Update
 Another Reason to Become Quality Systems Assessment
           (QSA) Certified -- McDonald’s Wants Beef Traceability
 FAPRI Projects Increasing Cost-Price Squeeze
 University of Missouri Field Days
 Taxation Tidbits: Farmer’s Top Ten Tax Provisions
*May 2006
 Taxation Tidbit: Did Mother Nature Deal You a Casualty Loss
 Tornadoes Prompt Interest In Storm Shelters and ‘Safe Rooms’
 Paddlefish ‘Ranching’ — Yea Ha!
 Mosquito Traps
*April 2006
 Storage Considerations for Wet Distiller’s Dried Grains
 Clarifying Synchronization Protocols
 Taxation Tidbit: Monitor Your Eligibility For Social Security Disability Benefits
 Prairie Voles
 Farming the Sky
*March 2006
 Distillers Grain: A Feedstuff
 Estrus Synchronization Planning Assistance Available
  Missouri Quality Systems Assessment
 Woman As Landowners Conference
 Taxation Tidbit: Update on Gifting
*Febuary 2006
 Asian Soybean Rust-What Happened?
 New Generation Cooperatives
 2005 Bermudagrass Yields at Lincoln, MO
 Bottom Line Tidbits:
    Farm Tenant and Landowner Communication
 Horizon Point Custom Weather Analysis
 Taxation Tidbits
*January 2006
  Missouri Premier Beef
  Energy Prices! OUCH!!
  Power of Attorney
  Agro-Terrorism or Bio-Security
  Asian Bird Flu