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*December 2005

  Windbreak Planning
  Acceptable Tolerances of Aflatoxin in Corn for Food and Feed Uses
  Bio-Diesel Plant Promises Increased Soybean Demand
  Crop Insurance Considerations for 2006

*November 2005

  Nitrogen Sources and a Changing Fertilizer Industry
  Drought, Hurricanes, and Prices: Bad News for Missouri Farms?
  Saving Energy on the Farm
  Taxation Tidbit: Domestic Production Deduction—Devil in the Details
  Bottom Line Tidbits: Roth 401 (k)—Roth IRA on Steroids

*October 2005

  Conserving Livestock Genetic Resources
  Watch Out For Alfatoxin In Corn
  Safety At Harvest Time
  Taxation Tidbit: Health Savings Account—A Tax Friendly Way to Help Pay Health Care Costs
  Act Now to Head Off Rising Home Heating Bills
  National Pork Board 2005 Professional Managers Conferences

*September 2005

  Hard White Winter Wheat
  Nitrate Toxicology Test: Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
  Taxation Tidbits: Smooth Sailing
  Feeding Options For Beef Cows
  Western Bean Cutworm — Another New Pest?

*August 2005

  Youth Labor In Agriculture
  Making Hay From Fall Regrowth Reduces Fescue Endophyte Toxins
  Taxation Tidbit: Standard Meal Allowance
  MU Diagnostic Services
  Microscopes to Assist Producers in Answering Soybean Rust Questions

*July 2005

  Taxation Tidbits: Farm Labor Tax
  Dung Beetle
  Private Applicators Spraying for Others
  Plan Now for Winter Grazing
  West Nile Virus

*June 2005

  Fuel Efficient Farming
  Two New Mosquito Repellents
  Taxation Tidbits:  The Estate Tax Debate
  Technology Tidbits:  Internet Searching -- Part Two
  Soybean Rust Update

  Missouri Pest Management Guidelines
  Small Swine Herd Breeding Workshop

*May 2005

  Reflections on Native Warm Season Grasses
  Roundup Ready Alfalfa Available Soon
  Bottom Line Tidbits: Farm Tenant Landowner Communication
  Technology Tips
  EPA Air Quality Compliance Agreement Update

*April 2005

  Haylage Made by Local Producer is Viable Alternative to Stored Hay
  Phosphorus (P) Fertilization Improves the Quality of Stockpiled Tall Fescue
  Foliar Fungicides on Soybean
  Bottom Line Tidbits: Domestic Production Deduction
  Century Farms Search Continues

*March 2005

  Grazing Management to Enhance Legume Production
  Taxation Tidbit: Itemized Deductions – Sales Tax & Bunching
  The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence -- Forage Production; Missouri vs. Colorado  
Show-Me-Select Sale Results 
  Sheep Shearing School  and Wool Grading Clinic

*February 2005

  Soybean Rust -- Special Edition
  Soybean Rust Fungicides
  Managing Soybeans To Reduce Soybean Rust Potential
  Scouting Techniques
  Risk Management
  Web Sites for Soybean Rust
  Introducing Rich Hoormann

*January 2005

  Is The Plate Big Enough?
  Swine Barn Conversion
  BSE Test Inconclusive:  What Does This Mean For The Future
  Conservation Security Program And The Livestock Producer
  Bottom Line Tidbits:  Income Averaging -- Obstacle Removed
  Upcoming Events