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*December 2004

  Supplement Guide Sheets - PDF Files
  To Bt Or Not To Bt, That Is The Question
  Available Bt Traits
  Are You Providing Adequate Nutrition With Your Winter Hay Feeding Program?
  Tax Tidbits: Farm Leases – Time To Review: Part Two
  Outlook and Policy Seminars
  Welcome New Staff Member
  Soybean Rust

*November 2004

  Farm Leases -- Time To Review
  Farm Record Checkup Time
  Taxation Tidbits:  Employee Wage Statement
  Missouri River Issues

*October 2004

  Penny Wise Or Dollar Foolish
  Winter Water For Livestock
  Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) Available In Missouri
  Taxation Tidbits:  What's Your Social Security Strategy?

*September 2004

  Fall Soil Sampling Makes Sense
  Rained-On Hay
  Taxation Tidbits:  Don't Get Stumped In A Sale Of Standing Timber
  Temporary Grain Storage

*August 2004

  Taxation Tidbit:  Calculating or Avoiding the Mid-Quarter Convention
  Warm Season Grasses Can Fill Summer Gap
  Some Reasons Why Forage Seedings Fail
  Tall Fescue Toxicity Management
  Bottom Line Tidbit:  Rule of Nine

*July 2004

  Taxation Tidbits:  Tax Treatment of Grain Storage Facilities 
  Nutrition and Reproductive Management for Replacement Gilts
  First Aid Supplies For The Farm
  Estrus Synchronization Protocols On The Web

*June 2004

  High-Tech Compaction Measurement May Be Subject To Misinterpretation
  What Is All The Concern With And What Is Soybean Rust?
  Fire Extinguisher Selection And Use
  Taxation Tidbit: Delayed Like-Kind Exchanges

*May 2004
  Landowner Liability for Visitors
  Managing Toxic Tall Fescue
  Taxation Tidbit:  Hedging And Speculating—Tax Issues
  Thoughts On Haying Operations
  Ozark Bermudagrass
*April 2004

  Alternative Insecticides to Diazinon
  Soybean Aphid Management Recommendations for 2004 
  Lime Management in Missouri
  Taxation Tidbit: Asset Transfers to a Spouse
  Fertilizing Soybeans

*March 2004

  Taxation Tidbit: Hedging Or Speculating – Depends On Who’s At Risk 
  Feeding Poultry Litter To Ruminants Banned 
  Effect Of Age At Weaning Of Fall Born Calves On Herd Profitability
  Relative Feed Value– A Measure of Quality
  New Tool To Synchronize Estrus In Gilts
  Beef Artificial Insemination School

*Febuary 2004

  Novel Endophytes
  Tree Shear -- A Land Clearing Tool
  Spring Time Forage Management Considerations

*January 2004

  Portable Kerosene Heaters Calls For Checking of Safety Hazards
  Livestock Production Critical Points
  Show-Me-Select Heifer Development Program Update
  Test Your Hay
  Taxation Tidbits: Taxable Income – Have It Your Way