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*December 2003

  Taxation Tidbits: Excluding CRP Cost-Share Payments From Income
  Employee Wage and Benefits Statement - 2003
  Truman Wheat: A New Variety From MU Research
  Crop Performance Testing
  Certified Seed Growers
  Niche-Targeted Marketing, Is It Right For You??
  Farm and Ranch Income Tax Estimate and Planning Worksheet 

*November 2003
  Crop Residues Make Great Feed But Watch Out For Nitrates! 
  Choosing Insurance To Manage Risk 
  Risk Management What Is It?
  Taxation Tidbit: The Capital Gain Tax Maze  
  Hay For Sale Listing 
  Loan Deficiency Payments 
  Asian Lady Beetles
  2003 Federal Income Tax Estimating Worksheet 
  2003 Income Tax Rate Schedules
*October 2003
  Herbicide Carryover
  Heifer Program Is Way To Add Value
  Show-Me-Select Heifers Can Be A Value Added Enterprise
  Taxation Tidbit:  Increased Social Security Retirement Age
*September 2003
  A Home Run for "Grain Quality" Starts with the "S" in SLAM 
  Taxation Tidbits: Sales Tax and Use Tax 
  Alflatoxin Corn 
  Poisonous Plants In Dry Pastures 
  Grain Truck Safety 
  Forage Plot Update Lincoln, MO
*August  2003
  Working In The Sun
  Grazing Cornfields
  Extend Your Livestock's Grazing By Planting Brassicas
  Mushrooms Could Be Profitable Crop
  Taxation Tidbits:  Continuing Saga of CRP Payment Reporting
*July 2003
  Is COOL, Cool??
  West Nile Again
  What's In That Water?
  Taxation Tidbits: Keeping Those Dollars Down On The Farm
  Weekly Market Summary
*June 2003
  Seeding Diseases of Soybean
  Take-All Of Wheat
  Algae Pond Management With Barley Straw?
  Labor Tax Tidbits
  Weather Resources
  Risk and Lane Tenure Under Current Policy
*May 2003
  Alfalfa Weevil Larvae Numbers May Be High This Spring
  Grass Tetany
  One Call That Could Save Your Life
  Abandoned Wells 
*April 2003
  Corn and Soybean Replant Decisions
  Taxation Tidbits: Sale of Residence Exclusion of Gain
  Seed Technologies for Pest Management
  2003 Corn Flea Beetle Predictions for Missouri
  Sum of Average Temperatures for December 2002 Through February 2003
*March 2003
  New Rules for Livestock Production
  Estrus Synchronization
  Goat Day
  Biosecurity for Poultry Flocks
  West Nile Virus Update

*February 2003
  "E-Hay" Buying and Selling
  Protecting Missouri Poultry Industry From Exotic Newcastle Disease
  Beef Marketing Alliances: Power vs. Quality
  Over-Seeding Legumes
  Mizzou Crop Forum
  Deduction for Self-Employed Health Insurance
  Pesticide Applicator Training
*January 2003
  Benefits of Incorporating Legumes in Grass Pastures:  Consider Frost Seeding
  Calving Season Management
  Taxation Tidbits:  Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction