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*December 2002
  Intellicoat Technology
  Crop Performance Trials
  Farmland Rental to a Related-Party Entity
  Conservation Security Program
  Taxation Tidbits:  Employee Wage Statement
  Decisive Marketing Newsletter
  Missouri AgrAbility Program
*November 2002
  Livestock Compensation Program
  Farm Bill Decisions Necessary
  How Does The Cash Flow?
  Year-End Income Tax Planning Tidbits

*October 2002
  BQA Injection Site Recommendation Changes
  Web Survey Collects Farm Opinions on Biosecurity
  Reducing Stress on Calves at Weaning
  Pasture Weaning to Reduce Stress on Calves
  Improving Pig Performance to Reduce Feed Costs
  Hay Market Listing
  Market Weight Management
  Taxation Tidbits:  Annual Gift Exclusion 
          Increased for 2002
  *September 2002
  EQUIP -- Sources of Information
  Corn Harvest 2002
  Taxation Tidbits: Farm Bill Direct Payment
              -- Constructive Receipt?
  Farmer's Share of Consumer Food Spending
  Thinking Outside the Box
*August 2002
  Calculating Winter Hay Storage
  Keeping Kids Safe While Working on the Farm
  Anhydrous Ammonia Treatment of Low Quality Forages
  Stockpiling Fescue
  Welcome Tim Roberts
  Insert for August -- Base and Yield Update Tool
*July 2002
  Topics at the Midwest Meeting of the American Society of Animal Science
  Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis:  Pinkeye!
  West Nile Virus
  Taxation Tidbits:  Charitable Contributions Are Not Always Deductible
  Staff Farewells
  Advanced Reproductive Management Conference
*June 2002
  Weeds to Watch in Beans
  EPA Phase-Out of CCA Treated Lumber
  Taxation Tidbits: Switching CCC Loans From Income to Loans Just Got Easier
  Watching for Grasshoppers
  Useful Crop Management Tools
  Small Grain, Grain Sorghum and Alternative Grain Crops Website Now Available
*May 2002
  Consumer Expenditures for Domestically Produced Farm Foods Over Time
  MissouriFamilies eNewsletter and Website
  When Do Forages Return the Most Money?
  Reducing Your Pollution Risk with Farm*A*Syst
  Taxation Tidbits:  Tax Regulations Are Encouraging Written Leases
*April 2002
  Insect Resistance Management (IRM) Requirements
  Improve Your Pasture Management for Better Weed Control
  Taxation Tidbits:  A New Depreciation Deduction is Born
  Value-Added Newsletters
  Missouri Century Farms Program for 2002
*March 2002
  Use of Select Herbicide to Control Fescue Seed Head Development
  Fertility on Tall Fescue Pasture - Preventing Grass Tetany
  Managing Your Livestock Operations to Reduce Phosphorous Loss
  Tidbits:  Guides for Developing a Good Tax Defense
*February 2002
  Limestone -- The Foundation of a Fertility Program
  Ozark ... Missouri's New Cold-Tolerant Bermudagrass
  Fertilizing With Poultry Litter
  Top Ten Reasons To Soil Test Your Garden
  Taxation Tidbits:  Contribution Limit Increased for IRA'a

*January 2002
  Agriculture:  A Global Market
  Winter Supplementation
  Taxation Tidbits: Saver's Credit
  Central Region AgriExpo
  Attention Beef Producers