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*December 2001
Black Walnut Husks -- No Threat to Forage Production
Handheld GPS Receivers for Agricultural Uses
Personal Data Assistants for the Farm
Taxation Tidbits: Treasury & IRS Encourages Year-End Capital Expenditures
Grain Storage Management
*November 2001
New Generation Cooperatives Heighten Interest in Tax Credits
Marketing Research -- Getting the Best!
Taxation Tidbits:  For Year-End Income Tax Planning
Popular Area Grain-Marketing Newsletter Now on MU Statewide Value-Added Website
Resources -- AgEBB
*October 2001
Timely Reproductive Tips for Care of Broodmares
Missouri's New Fence Law -- What Does It Mean To You?
Taxation Tidbits:  Installment Sale to a Related Party
Comparative Value of Feeds for Beef and Dairy
2001 - 2002 Missouri Beef Cattle Steer Feedout
*September 2001
Planning for 2002
The Small, The Bad and The Buggy!
Farm Safety Week
Taxation Tidbits:  Interest Expense Deductibility
Take These Steps to Prepare Your Grain Bins
*August 2001
Get the Most Out of Fescue
Performance of Steers on Birdsfoot Trefoil and Tall Fescue Pastures
Taxation Tidbits:  Estate & Gift Tidbits -- Economic Growth & Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001
*July 2001
Value Added Beef Production
Big Bale Hay Storage
Impact & Use of PAYLEAN in Market Pigs
Ag Tax Tidbits:  Minimum Interest Rates on Loans to Relatives & Friends
Optimum Ribeye Size
*June 2001
Plant Tissue Analysis -- A Useful Tool to Determine the Health of Plants
The Soybean Aphid May be Coming to a Field Near You
The Electronic Side of Soil Testing
Missouri Value Added Development Center
Annual Snake Oil Alert
Ag Tax Tidbits

*May 2001
Foot and Mouth Disease Market Risks
Foot and Mouth Disease
Taxation Tidbits:  Depressed Stock Prices -- Converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA
Tractor Safety Rules Almost Everyone Violates

*April 2001
Timing of Roundup Applications to Roundup Ready Soybean
Check Your Grain
High Corn Yields Are In The Details
Soil Test and Plant Analysis Summary for Year 2000
Taxation Tidbits:  Agricultural Inputs -- Exempt from Missouri Sales Tax or Not
*March 2001
Effect of Sorting and Mixing Strategy on Pig Growth Performance
Taxation Tidbits:  Financing Retirement for Farmers and Other Small Business Owners
Variation in Feed Nutrient Levels
AgriExpo 2001
*February 2001
Soybean Aphid:  A New Bug
Nitrogen Considerations for 2001
2001 Soybean Seed Quality
Taxation Tidbit:  MO$T -- Education Fund
Have You Thought of Agroforestry?
*January 2001
Taxation Tidbits:  Tax Planning Points for Long-Term Capital Gains
Attention Beef Producers
Horse Transportation
Practical Guidelines for  Transporting Horses
Some Factors Affecting Performance of Cattle in Feedyards
Early Plans for 2001Crops