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*December 2000
Building Confidence in Variety Testing
Rotating Herbicides -- More Than a Name Change
Taxation Tidbits:  Long-Term Insurance -- Deductibility
Electronic Crop Trial Results
Weather Resources on the Internet

*November 2000
Where Is Your Farm Business Headed?
Farm Leases -- Little Things Cause Big Problems
Taxation Tidbits:  Charitable Contributions of Farm Raised Inventory
Year End Planning Tidbits
2000 Federal Income Tax Worksheet
2000 Income Tax Rate Schedules
*October 2000
Distillers' By-Products for Swine Diets
EPA Water Quality Regulatory Efforts
Taxation Tidbits:  Tax Issues -- Hedging & Speculation
New Staff
*September 2000
"Low Prices Don't Cure Low Prices?"
Corn Harvest 2000
Taxation Tidbits:  Estate Planning
Taxation Tidbits:  The Real Reason for Grain Storage
Alert for Missouri Permitted CAFOs
*August 2000
Birdsfoot Trefoil Update
Agricultural Update
Soybeans for Hay
Taxation Tidbits
From Drought to Bins Running Over

*July 2000

Steps to Manage Short Forage Supplies
Effect of Sorting & Mixing Strategy on Pig Growth Performance
Taxation Tidbits

*June 2000
Managing Livestock Water Availability in Dry Weather
Grasshoppers 2000
Beneficial Insects
Forage Management in Droughts
Taxation Tidbits
Drought Information
*May 2000
Managing for Balage
Bermudagrass -- Cautious Optimism
Small Farm Tour
Taxation Tidbits

*April 2000
If a Cow Could Write a Production Contract
Cost of Not Using Hormonal Implants, Feed Additives and Full Feed
New Nitrogen Test Available

*March 2000

Is Your Farming Activity a Trade or Business?
The Good News About Bt Corn
GMO Headlines or Market Signals?
Refuges for Bt Corn
Spring Grazing Schools
Weed Control Manuals

*February 2000
1999 Thompson Farm Fall Grazing Summary
Forage Tips
Spring Grazing Schools
Useful Web Sites
*January 2000
Show-Me-Select Enrollments Due February 1
Livestock Herd Health Problems
Routine Swine Vaccinations
Report Market Gains on CCC Loans Correctly
Useful Web Sites
Swine Reproductive Management Checklist