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Ag Connection - Issues Online
*December 1999
Farm Bill Update
Fertility After A Drought
Missouri's Next Noxious Weed
Year-End Tax Planning Tidbits
Missouri Agriculture Law School
Soil and Plant Laboratory
Preparing Year End Financial Information Checklist
*November 1999
My Creditor Wants What?? The FINPACK Solution
Liquidation Taxation
You've Separated Non-GMO -- What's Next?
Gains Subject to Recapture at Ordinary Income Rates (General Rules)
Special Financial Management Insert
*October 1999
Grazing Crop Residues
Twenty Ways to Wean More Pounds of Beef
How To Determine Percent Calf Crop
Decision Software for Missouri Beef Producers
*September 1999
Risk Management Issues
Gambling on the Loan Deficiency
Web Sites That May Be of Assistance
Be Aware of Nitrates in Forages
* August 1999
What Value?  What Price?
Extending Your Livestock Grazing Season
CRP Management
Pasture Day
* July 1999
Safety Tips for the Hay-Making Season
ATV Safety
Child Safety on the Farm
Sun and Heat Exposure
Hot Weather Livestock Stress
New Weeds Web Page
* June 1999
GMO Spells NO In Some Countries
Import Status of Several GMO's
Help!  My Pond Has Become A Jungle
Aquatic Weed Publications Available
* May 1999
Amber Waves of Bromesedge
Birdsfoot Trefoil Update
Rules of Thumb for Managed Grazing
Watson's Thoughts on Balage
Grazing Videos Available
Alfalfa Management A 12-Month Calendar
* April 1999
Forage Systems for Developing Beef Heifers
To Lease or Not to Lease Farm Equipment
Spreadsheets and Software Available
Pesticide Application Using Electrostatic Spray Process
LLC "Have It Your Way"
* March 1999
On-Farm Starter Fertilizer Response in No-till Corn
Sunflower Joins 'Tough Weeds' List; Farmers Urged to Vary Controls
1999 Corn Flea Beetles Again?
FarmFIRST Program
* February 1999
Pasture Improvement Strategies
Timing Nitrogen Applications on Pasture
Voice from the Tomb
Swine Enterprise Evaluation Tool
Reducing the Cost of Finishing Pigs
Forage Web Sites
* January 1999
The Farm or the Family?
SAAs Are Coming Home to Roost
CRP Payments Farm Income or Rent?
Do Your Cattle Fit the Grid?