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* December 1998
Evaluating Value-Added Options
FQPA and Its Impacts for Missouri
Herbicide Resistant Corn
What Is Your Farm's Financial Health?
* November 1998
Missouri's Fence Law - Does Anyone Really Understand It?
Certification a Must to Market Pork
Band-Aid Income Tax Relief and Reform
FAARM Accounts Considered by Congress
Farm Leases - What's Fair?
Need Grain Storage?  Have Extra Storage to Lease Out? - Check out the MU Grain Storage Listing on the Internet
* October 1998
Full Bins - Full Elevators:   You've grown a good crop - now where will you keep it?
Hoop Structures:  Opportunities for the Missouri Swine Industry?
Do You Manage Your Credit, or Does Your Credit Manage You
* September 1998
You Gotta Know When to Hold 'em
Take a Load Off - Lots of Nothing is Good for the Soil
Converting CRP to Crop Land?    Don't Wait till Spring to Begin Your Strategy
Grain Wagon Safety
Grain Storage Management
What Can You Do Before Harvest?
What's Your Social Security Strategy?
Deere in the Headlights
* August 1998
Extend the Grazing Season with Brassicas
Double Cropping Fescue
The Good, the Bad and the Toxic - Blister Beetles
All Balage is Not Created Equal
* July 1998
External Parasites of Cattle
Cattle Can Have Bad Hair Days
Reflections on a Trip to Costa Rica
Filter Strips - A practical way to slow water contamination
Coming Events:
Missouri Beef Heifer Development Field Day
* June 1998
No-Till Lime Management and Soil Sampling
Pelletized Lime - Packaged for Marketing
European Corn Borer
Conservation Tillage Does Not Increase Soybean Diseases
* May 1998
Why Do We Make Hay?
Weevil Alert
Dale's Hay Harvesting Tips
When to Harvest Hay or Silage for Optimum Quality, Yield, and Persistence
Coming Events:
Pasture Day at Linneus
Field Days at MU Research Centers
Forage Guides from MU Extension
* April 1998
Should I Sell My Calves or Feed Them Out?
Starter Fertilizer for No-till Corn in Central Missouri
Implant Helps Lambs - Timing Critical
The Missouri "Show-Me-Select" Heifer Program Changes Requirements for 1998
Horse Production Class
* March 1998
Corn Flea Beetles in 1998
MU Survey Posts Cash Rental Rates for Farmland
"Worst Weed" Waterhemp Needs One-Two to K.O.
Deer Population Calls for Creative Control Methods
Is Your Pickup a Passenger Automobile?
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Don't Gamble on "Racehorse" Soybean Varieties
New and Revised Publications Available on the Internet or through Local Extension Centers
* February 1998
Rotational vs. Continuous Stocking of Beef Cows and Calves on a Mixed Grass Pasture
Do You Know Your Hay Machinery Costs?
Should You Produce Hay?
Hay Hotline on the Web
Forage Crop Response to P and K Fertilizer
And More on Phosphorus . . . . .
* January 1998
Before You Throw Another Log on the Fire
Definitions of Forage Quality Their Importance to Ruminant Performance
Forage Test Terminology
Barry Steevens' Tips for Winterizing Dairy Cows