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* December 1997
The Options Option
Roundup Ready™ Weed Control Programs
Prepaid Farm Expenses
Keeping Grain in Condition
Department of Ag to Enforce Worker Protection
* November 1997
Agriculture Employer Reporting Responsibilities
Check List of Requirements for Agriculture Employers
Making Sense of that Computer Ad
Capital Gains Tax - Calendar & Calculator Required!
Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997
* October 1997
Good Livestock Handling Systems Pay Dividends
Are Your Livestock Stuck in the Mud?
New Heifer Development and Sales Program
MU Extension resources to assist in planning livestock handling systems:
"Weed and Brush Control Guide for Forages, Pastures and Non-Cropland" Updated
Missouri Value-Added Conference
Phytase Is Environmentally Sound and Can Save Pork Producers Money
* September 1997
Store This Fall's Harvest?
Methods of Pricing Hay
Market Hay Grades for Legumes, Legume-grass Mixtures and Grasses
National Pesticide Telecommunications Network (NPTN)
New Tax Act Checklist for Farmers
MU Wheat Trials Set Yield Record — Test Weights Above Average
* Special Drought Issue - August 1997
* August 1997
Financial Resources for Beginning Farmers
Using Cool Season Cereals to Extend the Grazing Season
Fall Calf Weaning - You Can’t Control the Weather
* July 1997
Cost-Share Practices for the Livestock Producer
Managing Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle
Composting Dead Animals
AgrAbility Program Continues to Help Farmers with Disabilities Get Back to the Land
Tweedie Commercial Ag Farm near Carrollton
Metrics - Coming Soon to a Source near You
* June 1997
Sell Corn Before the Fourth of July
Managing the Margin
Weed Seedling I.D. on Video
On the Web
Burndown Herbicide Decisions
Black Cutworm
* May 1997
How to Re-Do Pasture or CRP Land
Tiller Dynamics
Grazing Schools in Central Missouri
ALS Resistant Foxtail Found in Minnesota — Missouri Could Be Next
Cool Season Vegetable Crops Training Session
* April 1997
Improving Swine A.I. Performance
Do EPDs Have a Home on the Range?
Estrus Synchronization Methods for Beef Cattle
Heifer Development Program Demonstrates Use of Co-Products
Pigs and E-mail
Soil Temperatures Online
* March 1997
Grain Markets -- What if I'm Wrong?
Weed Control Guide Now Available
Early Season Weed Competition
Changes in Atrazine Setbacks
Cyanazine Phase Out
Charitable Contributions of Farm Raised Inventory
Build a Better Shoe Box - Farm Business Management Records
* February 1997
Alfalfa Research Favors Lower Seeding Rates
Evaluating the Alfalfa Stand
1996 Results of Commercial Ag Alfalfa Trials
Post Year-End Tax Planning
Luxury Consumption
Finding the Price of Hay
* January 1997
Prepare for Calving Season
Maintain Cow Body Condition for These Benefits
Stray Electrical Voltage Reduces Animal Performance
Flushing Takes the Work out of Cleaning the Dairy Barn
Callaway County Farmers Develop Environmental Protection Plan