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* December 1996
Buy Fertilizer Now or Wait till Spring?
Turkey Litter on No-till Corn
Late Harvest Creates Storage Challenges
Catastrophic Crop Insurance Coverage
USDA on the Web
Roundup Ready Soybean Performance
Soybean Planting Dates and Seeding Rates
IRS and Marketing
Missouri Corn Crop Performance Trials on the Web
* November 1996
County Concentrated Animal Ordinances
---Resources Available to Help You
Rents -- Have the Lessons of the 80's Been Forgotten?
---Available at University Extension Centers and on the Internet
Found on the Internet
Federal Retirement Benefits
Applying for Social Security Benefits
* October 1996
Missouri Heifer Development Program off to Good Start
---1996-97 Heifer Development Program Accepting Entries
Winter Nutrition
---Additional References on Feeding Livestock Available from University Extension
Anhydrous Ammonia Treatment of Low Quality Forages
---Six Steps for Successfully Using Ammoniated Forages
Found on the Internet
* September 1996
Yield Monitors and Precision Farming
Grow Your Own -- Erosion and Weed Control
Electronic Resources on Crops
Determining a Fair Grain Bin Lease
Equilibrium Moisture Content for Shelled Corn
Warning!!! Per hour of use, grain augers are the most dangerous piece of equipment on the farm.
Allowable Storage Time for Shelled Corn
Keep Your Stored Grain in Good Condition
Meeting the Challenge of Volatile Grain Markets
* August 1996
Alfalfa Fall Management
Good Harvest and Storage Techniques Reduce Silage Problems
Use Your Microwave Oven to Test Forage Moisture
Keep Silage Fresh During Feeding
Using Cereal Grains for Forage
Electronic Resources on Forages
Safety at Silage Time
* July 1996
Lincoln University Researches Ways to Increase Lamb Crops
Spring Waterers Are a Natural
Fly Tag Control Diminishing
Goodwater Ag Day -- July 25
Swine Feed - Alternatives to Corn
Listservs for Livestock Producers
Improve Pasture Manure Distribution
Scout Now for Potato Leaf Hopper
* June 1996
Time to Make New Crop Sales?
New Waterhemp Guide Now Available at Your University Extension Center
Federal Agricultural Improvement and Reform Act of 1996
FAIR Sign-up . . . Generally an Easy Decision
An Editorial Comment on FAIR . . . from Harold Breimyer, Extension Economist Emeritus
Summer Corn Pests
Earthworms Increase with No-till
Listservs for Crop Information
1996 Field Days at MU Research Farms