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For the Week of
December 16, 1999

Holiday Season Provides Opportunities

The HOLIDAY SEASON always brings both old and new acquaintances together. This is a very profitable and timely opportunity for all members of any family. With this opportunity comes much traveling and another opportunity for observation as we travel through neighboring states or areas that we have not seen for some time.

It is virtually impossible to travel through agriculture country and not observe something that can be utilized on your operation. This may range from a fencing management that will work for you to tillage, waterway construction, windbreak arrangement, to feed lot design. Regardless of your observation keep in mind that the small details you observe can be very profitable to your operation.

Through meeting and visiting with relatives and friends we can learn from each other. Generally these discussions frequently lead to some comment concerning your operation. One very positive point to remember is these discussions provide excellent ideas with details relating to what will work and what will not. Generally if something doesn’t work you will be well informed as to the problems and how to implement the correct management procedure to provide positive results.

We are seeing an increase in the demand for some sources of hay. This is to be expected due the extended dry period we experienced throughout the late summer and fall of 1999. The new millennium will certainly brings challenges relating to the feed and water supply for many producers. Providing a water source is another point for discussion that can be very beneficial for beef producers. There are ways to meet the water obligations and frequently these ideas can be borrowed from other producers. This is a very important concept to follow for cheaper and workable situations for many producers.

Making the best use of your time and sharing experiences with each other is one of the best methods of extending your management decisions and making your operation more efficient. Don’t forget that every time you improve on your present system you can reduce the time normally spent on labor. Through observation and consultation a very valuable holiday trip will provide excellent educational benefits for many producers. Have a HAPPY AND JOYOUS HOLIDAY.

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