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For the Week of
December 9, 1999

Red Books Are Available

The well-known "red book", which is a pocket record system as well as a calendar for many producers, is now available for 2000 in the Carroll County University of Missouri Extension office. There are a limited number of these popular pocket record systems. If you desire a copy of this book, please contact the Carroll County Extension Office at (660) 542-1792 and we will mail you one. These books will be distributed on a first come, first-served basis. When a topic arises regarding management decisions that require records, dates, or immunizations, this is one record that emerges immediately from the pocket of the beef producer.

The University of Missouri has been involved in the distribution of this pocket record system for several years. These "red books" have proven to be an essential piece of management information for many individuals. In addition, this small pocket book has proven to be the initial record system for many producers. Just simply getting started with some sort of record system that stimulates thinking regarding to culling practices and emphasizes improved production decisions has proven to be beneficial to many producers.

Participation in all three beef programs has increased over the 1998 entries. Entries in the Missouri Valley Sire Evaluation Program, held at Valley Farm, Mendon, MO, total 72 head of potential sires. These entries were weighed on test November 10, 1999, and are responding to the feeding program extremely well according to Ron Rogers, owner of Valley Farms.

Enrollment in the first portion of the Beef Feed Out has been completed. The number of consignors has increased over the 1998 entries. In addition we have nearly a pen of cattle consigned to the January 12 delivery according to information from Manken Feedlot.

Consignors to the Missouri Beef Heifer Development Program, held at Rocking 8 Cattle Company, Fayette, MO, include many previous consignors plus entries from new individuals. Entries will approach the 300 head mark again this year according to Jim Underwood, manager of Rocking 8 Cattle Company.

Information recorded in the "red books", data collected from Missouri Valley Sire Evaluation, Beef Feed Out Program, and the Missouri Beef Heifer Development Program all assist you with selection information for improving the profitability of your beef herd. Just because we are currently enjoying a positive beef market don’t forget to maintain a rigorous culling system and use both carcass and growth information when making replacement selections.

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