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For the Week of
July 6, 2000

Thanks and Goodbye

Time waits for no one and change is inevitable. I am scheduled to start retirement September 1, 2000, so this will be the last weekly Country Trails. There are details that must be completed prior to that retirement date. Since my initial employment with the University of Missouri of Missouri Extension started in early July of 1976, I felt this was the appropriate time to complete the final writing of Dale’s Country Trails.

The first article was written in late 1976 and published in the Milan Standard, Milan, MO. Since the initial writing, to my knowledge there have been only eight weeks when I failed to have a weekly article. During these weeks I was involved in office transition; and everyone knows that moving requires time and simply locating needed material is not always easy. Over the past 24 years of University of Missouri Extension work I have met many excellent cooperators who have requested assistance, expressed concerns and provided excellent thoughts.

I want to express a special thanks to the editors, publishers, and especially the many readers who have responded with numerous positive comments to the thoughts provided in Country Trails.

Two individuals who will never be forgotten are Robert Wilson and the late Frank Cowgill of the Milan Standard in Milan, MO. Both these individuals provided numerous thoughts and excellent guidance as Dale’s Country Trails was initiated and developed to a present mailing list of 26 newspapers and publications. I distinctly remember sitting in Robert’s office in Milan and discussing how to proceed with both the weekly articles and the features that developed over the years while I was headquartered in Sullivan County. The comments from the late Frank Cowgill regarding black and white photography secrets for publication and writing cut-lines for photos will always be cherished.

Later years brought additional assistance from Dick Lee and Duane Daily of the University of Missouri. Both these individuals are well known and highly respected by their media colleagues. Both regional staff and state staff have been very gracious with requests and thoughts for timely articles.

Without the assistance of the secretarial staff, the mailings from Extension centers would be drastically reduced or fail to exist. A special thanks goes to these individuals who have assisted not only with the Country Trails articles but the numerous other mailings over the years. Occasionally these individuals made immediate changes in their daily schedule to make sure these articles were completed in order to meet the Thursday mailing deadline.

Thanks and good luck to each of you.

University of Missouri ExtensionDale's Country Trails - July 6, 2000
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