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For the Week of
March 25, 1999

Summer Beef Cattle Feedout

The Summer portion of the Missouri Beef Cattle Feedout is scheduled to be held at the Manken Cattle Company, Salisbury MO. This event is co-sponsored by University Extension Commercial Agriculture Program, Manken Cattle Company, MO Cattlemen's Association, and Moormans Manufacturing Company.

Several past participants have requested information regarding the continuation of this event. Entries are due Monday, May 3, 1999, and are to be sent to Manken Cattle Company, Route 1, Salisbury MO 65281. Two delivery dates have been scheduled for the convenience of beef producers. These are Thursday, May 27, 1999, and Thursday July 8, 1999. The July delivery date provides the producer with the opportunity to graze their consignment prior to entering the feeding phase.

Eligible calves should be born after July 1, 1998. Birth dates and sire identity are requested but not mandatory. An entry must consist of five feeder cattle and may either consist of steers, heifers, or a mixed group, which may include both steers and heifers. Entries will remain the property of the consignor throughout the feeding period. Consignors will receive any profits or suffer any losses incurred during the feed out. Calves should weigh 550 pounds or more at the time they are delivered and consignors are encouraged to select a representative sample of their herd. Selecting a representative sample will enhance the opportunity for the producer to receive a more accurate set of carcass information for future selection criteria. Receiving costs, veterinary expenses, and a yardage cost of $0.13 per head per day in addition to the feed cost will be the responsibility of the consignor.

Past data collected from feedouts indicate the consignments that receive the recommended immunizations a minimum of 21 days prior to delivery provide a greater opportunity for a positive return from the feeding phase. Treatment of the individuals is not the total expense. We have documented additional costs which include increased days on feed, added yardage cost, additional feed cost, and the carcass grade received tends to be less than pen mates not requiring treatment and additional feed cost.

Immunizations recommended include IBR, PI3, BVD, Haemophilus Somnus, Leucocytogenic Pasteurella including Multocida and Hemolytica, BRSV and 7-or 8- Way Blackleg. It is important that each individual receive these immunizations to increase the possibility of a positive feeding experience. For additional information and entry forms contact Manken Cattle Company, (660) 388-5552, or The University of Missouri Extension Office at (660) 542-1792.

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