Remembering extension adventures

“It’s a wonderful life” is a holiday movie that many people enjoy year after year. Extension is a wonderful, rewarding career, as well. You stand a little taller when...

…a successful entrepreneur says, “My multi-million dollar business is my 4-H project all grown up and out of control.”

…you do a program for kids and get the coolest thank-you notes back telling you they love you and had a great time the day you were there.

…people come up to you, in front of your family, and tell you how much they appreciate what you did for them and how it changed their lives.

…years after working closely with a person that went on to become eminently successful, they tell you that you are responsible for “everything I am.”

…people whom you have never met say that they recognize you by your voice as a result of all those radio programs that you do.

Excerpts from the booklet “You Know You’re in Extension When…” edited by Karen DeBord. She was a state human development specialist in Missouri before going to North Carolina Cooperative Extension. She published a booklet in 1996.