At Wright County Extension, we bring MIZZOU to YOU!

For over 100 years, University of Missouri Extension has been producing official guide sheets on various topics related to farming, gardening, youth and family, nutrition, and community development.

Guide sheets are unbiased, research-based, peer-reviewed publications that are based on research done at the University of Missouri.  Most guides are two to four pages long. Guide sheets can provide timely, relevant information that pertains to the current season, popular varieties and new methods.  You can feel confident using these guide sheets since all information has been researched and tested at the University of Missouri.

The top 5 guide sheets right now are:

#1 - GH1505 - "How to Freeze Home Prepared Foods"   

It's easy to keep your freezer stocked with home-prepared "convenience" foods ranging from sack lunches to elaborate dishes for unexpected company.  By planning a steady flow of main dishes, baked goods and desserts in and out of your freezer, you make good use of your time and your freezer.  To read or download this publication, please click the link below:

GH1505 - How to Freeze Home Prepared Foods


#2 - G403 - "Farmland Values for Missouri Counties"   

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agriculture Statistics Service (USDA/NASS) collects information on the market value of agricultural land and buildings through two different procedures:  the Census of Agriculture conducted every four to five years and an annual survey.  This information has been compiled into this publication for your use.

G403 - Farmland Values for Missouri Counties


#3 - GH1452 - "Safe and Successful Home Canning"  

Your home-canned products will only be as good as the fresh foods you start with.  For high-quality, safe, home-canned foods, select the freshed foods possible.  Discard diseased and moldy foods.  Don't can foods that you wouldn't serve fresh on your table.  Check out the complete guide by clicking on the link below:

GH1452 - Safe and Successful Home Canning



#4 - G6705 - "Cool-Season Grasses:  Lawn Maintenance Calendar"  

Established lawns may be maintained at different levels of perfection according to individual situations and desires, but good lawns seldom "just happen."  This summary outlines the major steps required to maintain a high-quality yard year round.

G6705 - "Cool-Season Grasses: Lawn Maintenance Calendar"


#5 - "Controlling Deer Damage in Missouri"   

When deer cause signifcant damage, they may be considered a nuisance.  The best way to control deer damage is through an integrated pest management (IPM) approach, which is the process of applying a variety of practical prevention and management techniques to keep damage - and the cost of damage control - as low as possible.


All of these publications and more are available at the Wright County Extension Center or you can download and print from the links above!



Source:  David Burton, 417-881-8909.  

Adapted from News Release produced by David Burton.