Private Pesticide Applicator Training resources

Private Pesticide Applicator Training is for producers of agricultural commodities, 18 years or older, wishing to obtain or renew their applicator’s license from the Missouri Department of Agriculture in order to buy and apply restricted-use pesticides on their own land. The license is good for 5 years and may be renewed.

State Contacts and Databases

MDA's Pesticide Program or call Jefferson City, Mo. at 573-751-5504

Pesticide Licenses — explains private and commercial license categories, exam dates, regulations and emergency information

Search Missouri pesticide applicator database

Search pesticide registration database

Chemical Labels and MSDSs — Site by CDMS has searchable list of chemical manufacturers and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

Missouri Online Weed Identification Guide — searchable

Poisonous Plants Databases


MU Extension publication MP0731, Pesticide Training Manuals Order Form

MU Extension publication M87, Private Pesticide Applicator Reference Manual

MU Extension publication MP692, USDA Pesticide Record-Keeping Requirements for Certified Private Applicators of Federally Restricted-Use Pesticides

MU Extension publication MP693, Restricted-Use Pesticide Record-Keeping Form

Restricted Use Pesticide Recordkeeping Form (PDF) — USDA

Restricted Use Pesticide Recordkeeping Form for Greenhouse and Nurseries (PDF) — USDA

USDA Recordkeeping Manual for Private Pesticide Applicators (PDF) —
50-page book

Pesticide record keeping mobile app — Iowa State Extension

USDA Pesticide Recordkeeping

Publications and Factsheets

Ordering information for pest management reference books (PDF)

MU Extension publication G1272, Spray Mix Calculations

MU Extension publication G1914, Laundering Pesticide-Contaminated Clothing

MU Extension publication G1915, Pesticide Poisoning Symptoms and First Aid

MU Extension publication G1916, Pesticide Application Safety

MU Extension publication G1917, Personal Protective Equipment for Working With Pesticides

Calibration of Broadcast and Boomless Sprayers (PDF) — University of Missouri Extension

Backpack Sprayer Calibration (PDF) — University of Missouri Extension

Spray Nozzle Selection — Spraying sytems Co. (commercial site)

Spray Nozzle Selection (PDF) — Delavan Spray Technologies (commercial site)

MU Extension publication G1273, Calibrating Granular Pesticide Applications

MU Extension publication G1921, Temperature Effects on Storage of Pesticides

MU Extension publication G7510, Pesticide Dilution Table

MU Extension publication G7520, Pesticides and the Environment

MU Extension publication M169, A Guide to the Common Forages and Weeds of Pastures

MU Extension publication MP581, Weed and Brush Control Guide for Forages, Pastures and Noncropland

Musk Thistle Control (PDF) — University of Missouri Extension

MU Extension publication IPM1010, Biological and Integrated Control of Musk Thistle in Missouri

Spotted knapweed identification and control — University of Missouri Extension

MU Extension publication WM6000, Safe Use, Storage and Disposal of Pesticides

MU Extension publication WQ652, Assessing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination From Pesticide Storage and Handling

MU Extension publication WQ676, Reducing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination by Improving Pesticide Storage and Handling