Blackberry Production Workshops and Resources

Blackberries offer excellent opportunities for farmers and home gardeners in SW Missouri.  The Missouri Blackberry Project was initiated in 2016 to promote blackberry production.  A demonstration blackberry planting, utilizing the innovative shift trellis and planted with recently developed cultivars ('Natchez', 'Osage', 'Ouachita', 'Apache', 'Prime Ark Freedom', 'Prime Ark Traveler', and 'Triple Crown') is under evaluation at the MU Southwest Research Center.  Periodic workshops highlighting blackberrry production are part of the project.  Presentations from past workshops are below.

Presentations from 2016 blackberry production workshops

Blackberry Production

Blackberry Trellis Design and Implementation

Blackberry Disease Management

Blackberry Cultivars

Blackberry Harvest and Postharvest Handling

Fall/Winter Management of the Shift Trellis

Blackberry resources

2016 Midwest Fruit Spray Guide

Sustainable Blackberries and Raspberries (University of Arkansas)