Regional Achievement Day

Registration Form Due July 6th, 2018


End of Year Reports Due to Club Leaders by August 31

Project record Y620 (Fillable PDF)

State 4-H awards program application tips and benefits (PDF)

Outstanding Member Award (PDF)

Best of the Best (PDF)


Recognition Form Y2000 Level 1 (ages 8-10)

Recognition Form Y2100 Level 2 (ages 11-13)

Recognition Form Y2200 Level 3 (ages 14-18)


Missouri 4-H Key Award

National Leadership Award (formerly "I Dare You")



New Year Enrollment

Beginning October 1st you can go to 4-H online to re-enroll for 2017-2018 4-H year or to enroll for the first time.You may choose to pay fees on line, to your club leader or at the Extension office, whatever is most convenient to you. 

Volunteers must complete the form LG 639 each year and bring the paper copy of the form to the Extension Office to be submitted. The LG 639 must be filled out every other year. 

If you are unable to print the form here, we have copies in the office for you. 4-H makes the every effort to keep your privacy as a high priority.