Food Preservation

The goal of this program is to provide participants with a solid foundation in home canning and preserving. Through hands-on classes participants learn how to make jellies/jams, pickled vegetables and salsas, and learn proper pressure and boiling-water canning processes. Classes can be offered as a one-time class focused on one of the techniques listed above or you can schedule a food preservation course made up of 5 distinct lessons. To schedule a food preservation class or course contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.

Testing for dial-type pressure canner lids is available, it's FREE!

Dial-type gauges should be tested annually to ensure accuracy and prevent bacterial contamination of preserved foods. Testing is not necessary for weighted gauges. To schedule an appointment to test your dial-type pressure canner contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.


Preserve it Fresh, Preserve it Safe

MU Extension Publications Quick Connects:  Food Preservation/Canning guides