Counseling and Training to Start or Expand Your Business Domestically and Abroad

Below you will find a list of programs offered  by the University of Missouri Extensions' Small Business & Technology Development Center in Franklin County by Pablo Arroyo, Ast. Extension Professional & Business Development Specialist.  If you are in need of other programs please call us at 636-583-5141 and we would be happy to help you.

Counseling and Coaching

Whether you are an entrepreneur just getting started or an existing business looking to grow, our counseling and coaching services are provided at no cost to the client.  Sessions are confidential and focus on the client’s questions or topics.  Topics may include: assistance with and reviewing of business plans, marketing, market research, developing financial projections, providing financial comparisons, and creating measurement and management systems.  Counseling and coaching are available at no cost to both start-up and existing businesses.

Training and Educational Programs

The largest impediment to growing a business is the knowledge and skills of the entrepreneur.  To avoid getting stuck as you start or grow your business, consider our training programs.  They will help you acquire new knowledge and skills or brush-up on something you haven’t used in a while.  As your abilities grow, so does the business.  Detailed program descriptions can be found at

Starting a Small Business

Designed specifically for those who are thinking about starting a business, this introductory 3-hour course will provide you with an overview of the first steps needed to get started.  Participants will have an opportunity to assess their strengths and weaknesses, understand the importance of planning, discuss the legal and regulatory requirements, review marketing basics and learn about financing.

Strategic Business Planning

Participants will learn why a plan is so important to their success and the four fundamental topics that must be addressed in any business plan.  Also covered will be writing styles, formats and where to find information and assistance.  Are you looking to start or grow your own business? Do you have a business, but need a better plan? Students who participate in this program will create an actual business plan that can be used to execute strategy, solicit business funding, and evaluate performance. This intense, 4 week program is the key to success for any small business.

Funding Your Business Plan

Improve your understanding of funding options for your project and develop financial projections.

Have you created a business plan but are unsure of the next steps to solicit funding for your business? Students who participate in this program will gain insight on how to professionally present a business plan to the right audience.

The Export Series

Delivers introductory and intermediate-level export training to new-to-export and new-to-market businesses statewide. Sessions have addressed such basic and -advanced topics as:

· Why export?

· Where’s your export market?

· Profiles of successful exporters

· Making an export sale from quote to payment

· The ABCs of export documentation and compliance

· Moving products internationally

· International trade loan and finance programs

Specialized Services

Sometimes the assistance needed to grow the business is beyond the scope of classroom training; more personalized and extensive assistance is warranted.  In these instances one of our competitively priced specialized services may be your best option.  

Customized Research and Analysis:  To guide strategy and decision making. Timely identification of opportunity-rich markets leads to increased job creation, entrepreneurship and economic growth for the businesses, local community and state of Missouri. The ITC utilizes a mix of public access and subscription-based data sources such as IBISWorld, Euromonitor, Avention OneSource, Zepol and Datamyne.

Balanced Scorecards:  Explaining a process to develop a balanced set of performance measures that results in a more efficient and effective organization is the objective of this service.   

Business Growth Services:  This specialized service provides the client with a geographic information system (GIS) analysis, social media & search engine optimization, and the market research needed to assess or implement your business’s strategy.

Stage 2 Services for Growing Companies:  The Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Centers (MO SBTDC) have a unique set of services designed specifically to meet the needs of growing companies facing the challenges that accompany business success. Please read the Stage 2 Informational Sheet for a description of services

ProfitCents Financial Analysis:  Using the organization’s financial data, this service provides a detailed analysis and recommendations for improving the organization’s financial performance.  Comparative data from similar businesses is also provided. 

The entire Small Business Program Brochure for 2016 can be downloaded and printed HERE (PDF)