Lawn mowing and other management practices are compacting lawns. What are the best ways to correct compaction in lawns?

Core aerification is the best management tool for compaction. We usually recommend early fall or early spring for home lawns. With this year, early fall (September) will be ideal coming off of a tough summer. This can be timed with fall overseeding and that first fall application of fertilizer.

— Answer by Brad Fresenburg


How should homeowners manage rapidly growing weeds in lawns?

Weed management should not vary from the usual recommendations. What we will see more of are post-emergent applications for crabgrass and other summer annuals since pre-emergence applications will not carry the full season due to excess rain. Follow product labels and try to apply when weeds are small. Many homeowners will want to control weeds late in the summer prior to fall seeding; however, there are no products labeled for late season annual weed control, especially crabgrass well beyond the tiller stage. Frost in fall is the best control for summer annuals. Seedbed preparation in the fall with a power rake will setback annual weeds enough to get turfgrass seed established without the use of an herbicide. If conditions have totally favored the weeds with very little turfgrass remaining, then Roundup might be the best solution and total renovation of the lawn justified.

— Answer by Brad Fresenburg